Why Use Yellow Fishing Line | Does the Fishing Line Color Matter

Choosing a fishing line may look easy, but it isn’t. Well, it is not rocket science either, so you shouldn’t be scared at all. So why are you using a pink fishing line instead of white? This is a question that most anglers might not give you an answer to.

While that’s the case, the truth of the matter is this. The color of the fishing line is very important. Whether you are using green, orange, pink, or yellow, a great angler will tell you that there is always a valid reason behind it.

Before I knew it too, I would ask myself, why use yellow fishing line? Well, now that I have the answer, I am glad to share the same with you in this post of mine. Please take a look at what I have for you.

So Why Use Yellow Fishing Line

Just like using any other monofilament fishing line color to have your catch, there are many reasons why you should use a yellow fishing line. These reasons include the following options that we have here.

Easy Monitoring

First, using the yellow hi-vis fishing line for your angling experience will give you great control when you are in situations where you must get a clearer and bigger picture. It is a great way to see all your angling lines at once as long as you have already laid them in wait.

For Kite Fishing

The yellow line is also good for kite fishing. Many experienced anglers use it and have praised it so much. Why is the yellow line ideal for kite fishing? The use of a yellow fishing line during kite fishing allows the whole team to know what is really going on down with a large pod of fish sails.

Big Game Fishing

More importantly, a yellow fishing line is also great for big game fishing, for instance, when you are trolling for the large billfish. The same applies when you are fishing for the big sharks and the tuna.  This is because the line offers better communication when you are going for a bigger catch.


While the yellow fishing line is cool, often, you will find that it is a hi-vis line. Because it is this type of line, yellow lines will pose a greater challenge when it comes to visibility underwater. The fish might identify it faster and, as such, keep clear.

The trick to solving this is to look for a fluorocarbon fishing line when going for a hi-vis line such as the yellow hi-vis fishing line. This means that the fish won’t see it faster, and in so doing, it will allow you to have a better catch as the fish will only notice the bait and not the line.

Where Can You Use a Yellow Fishing Line?

The best angling experiences will come with many sides to it. That’s why you should learn the best places that you can apply for a yellow fishing line to. Luckily for you, a yellow fishing line has very many places that you can use it. These places include.

Trolling: The line is the best since it allows you to have better line visibility and monitoring. A high visibility line, such as the yellow line, will make it easy for you to visualize your spread.

Kite Fishing: As I mentioned above, this line is also good for kite fishing. It enables you to see your fishing line easy and against the clear backdrop of the blue sky. That’s just amazing.

Night Fishing: Finally, a yellow line will come in handy when fishing at night. This is because it will give you a soft glow when you shine your light on it and, as such, grant high visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have seen why you need a yellow fishing line and where you can use the yellow fishing line tell me this. Do you understand the common question that most anglers have when it comes to fishing lines? Take a look.

Does it really matter what color my fishing line is?

Yes. The color of the fishing line that you choose matters a lot. It determines how well your fishing line blends into the water. As such, the line will also determine how much fish you will catch. So, keep your choice of the fishing line closer to your heart whenever you step out to fish.

What is the very best fishing line color that one should use?

From a luring point of view, the fishing line color plays a critical role. The best fishing line color that you should use therefore is a fishing line that has the ability to easily blend in with your surrounding water to guarantee the best operation.

Which line is best when fishing between stained and black water?

The best line to use when fishing between stained and black water is the clear line. It provides you with better visibility on the outside and comes with a complete camouflage underwater. The fish can hardly see it and will bite the bait easily.

What color will disappear fastest underwater?

The red color is the very first color to be easily absorbed. It is followed by orange and yellow color. Here is the trick; all the colors disappear in the same order as they will appear on the color spectrum.


So why use yellow fishing line? You have it all laid down in this post. Make the right choice whenever you are going out to fish. Your line should be able to monitor, or it should provide the best camouflage underwater.

The choice depends on what you want to do and what you intend to achieve. A yellow line gives you the best range. Even so, make sure that you change your line at least once a year to get the best efficiency.

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