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In the recent few decades, the budget sticks for fishing has gone through an overwhelming boom in the market. This is undoubtedly due to the slow economic growth after the World Recession in the early 2000s. Since then, the prominent fishing tool manufacturers seem to have adapted to the changing scenes fast.

One of the earliest to adapt to this shift in the best value for fishing rods was by St. Croix. Hence, they brought up the Mojo Bass casting rod in the market. This line since its debut has become a groundbreaking success for St. Croix.

The Mojo Bass, with 15% lightweight as well as better balancing and sensitivity, has been winning fishermen’s hearts for long. Sadly, our review of this cost-affordable product has been long overdue. Hence, today we brought the most engaging review on the St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods with a buying guide.
So, are you up for it, bud?

St Croix Mojo Bass Review

St Croix is a leading fishing rod manufacturer in the market with nearly 75 years of experience. Over time they have delivered some of the iconic fishing rods and tools for anglers. And the latest edition to their legacy is this Mojo Bass casting rod.

This Mojo Bass rod itself speaks about the tough yet gentle personality of the owner. It’s like showcasing your tiger-like attitude in a most groomed manner. And also enjoy the fun of catching some big fish. So, what does make this rod so successful?


St Croix has done brilliantly to keep the design of this fantastic rod high-performing yet straightforward. The upgraded and advanced construction of the rod features SCIII GRAPHITE that ads unrivaled durability and strength to the casting rod.

Also, high-performing Graphite construction implies that Mojo Bass with high-strain and high-modulus advanced Graphite is all set to deliver precision at fishing with lightweight and increased sensitivity. So, for any severe fishermen, this casting rod adds significant value for a superb performance at an affordable price.


This prolific casting rod has nailed it when it comes to performance and that too at a reasonable price.

With an IPC (Integrated Poly Curve) technology, this casting rod is ready to perform like a high-end fishing rod. Yes, it eliminates successfully all the transitional points, which may make your angling tough. So, anglers will enjoy the following things-

• Increased strength: With the recent design, the power of this brilliant rod has gone through a significant increase. Hence, you can catch bigger fishes with it. Also, with less energy spending.

• Sensitivity: Its Graphite construction comes with superior sensitivity. This enables anglers to know the fish bite faster than any regular rods. So, you can get the response quickly and not letting the fish go away with the baits.

• Smooth action: The Mojo Bass delivers premium smoothness at angling sessions. This means with the increased strength of the rod, and you can now fish with liberty. It also dislodges external affairs for pinpoint control.

Hence, this fishing rod is all set to provide all anglers from novice to expert one of a lifetime fishing experience, thanks to its brilliant performance.
Durability and Handle Grip
St Croix has tried their best to make this fishing rod super-durable, and I must admit (as most anglers do) that the casting rod has unrivaled durability. The graphite construction will last longer than any standard fishing rod. The added life expectancy means that the rod won’t break down during critical time. So, you will be able to catch more fishes with it.
No utter frustration to see your rod breaking down into pieces after few catches with Bass Mojo. How cute!

Also, for comfortable fighting with big fishes, St Croix has used an ergonomic handle design for the rod. So, anglers won’t feel any work fatigue even after hours of fishing. Furthermore, the cork handle features premium-grade split gripping for convenient use.

Operational Applicability

The Mojo Bass fishing rod is functional on every surface. It means the rod is ready for both freshwater and marine water usage, which is an excellent opportunity for you to test your fishing skills in lakes, lagoons, rivers, and seas.

Highlighted features

• Mojo Bass cure finish features Flex-coat with two layers of premium coating.
• The black frame and oxidized aluminum rings are robust and non-corrosive.
• The cork handle is made from superior material for comfort and smoothness.
• The rod features Kegan Hook Keeper.
• The product has been made in the USA entirely.
• IPC technology and Graphite construction are durable and stealthy.
• It is 15% lighter than other fishing rods for secure handling.


• Superior performance
• Reasonable price
• 15% lightweight
• Smooth operation with increased sensitivity
• Five years of warranty
• Stiffness is a concern.
• Not so long
• Fewer whips


  • Stiffness is a concern.
  • Not so long.
  • Fewer whips.

Fishing Rod Buying Guide

A fishing rod is an essential item to determine your success of fishing under ay conditions. Hence, you must understand the factors to look into a fishing rod before making the purchase. For your comfort and convenience, we have piled up the most influential factors to consider in a fishing rod.

• Length: This is the first thing you will need to consider to buy the fishing rod. Ideally, fishing rod length varies from slam 3 ft to the gigantic 14 ft. Some are even longer.
• Material: Most fishing rods are made using either fiberglass or graphite. However, some manufacturers use a composite of fiberglass and graphite for added strength. Nonetheless, the composite ones are high-priced also.
• Power: It determines the capacity of the fishing rod to bend for angling: the better the control, the more accurate performance. Also, sometimes this is known as weight or taper.
There’re other factors also to look for when you want to purchase a fishing rod likewise this Mojo Bass. These are durability, performance, smoothness, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does Mojo Bass come in length variety?
There are 11 models of Bass Mojo to fit your preferences. The length will vary from 6.8 ft to 7.11 ft, which should be okay for most fishers.
2. Can I use any bait with my Bass Mojo rod?
Although there’re no clear instructions on it, most anglers say that they have successfully used an array of fishing baits with this brilliant fishing rod. So, you should be able to use most fishing baits with it.


The Mojo Bass with slim ferrule profile, 3D Hand Kigan Master Guides, and premium 100% S glass construction is the real leader of the angling industry. Also, with reasonable pricing, the fishing rod performs like a high-end rod that packs some unique features.

In short, your angling experience will never be the same with Mojo Bass rod from St Croix.

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