Redington ZERO Fly Reel Review and Buyer Guide

Redington ZERO Fly Reel Review

Any expert anglers know how important a perfect fishing reel is. They would argue over the perfectness of their preferred fishing reel over others and try to prove what’s the advantage of having an ideal fishing reel instead of a rod.

However, most anglers’ expert or intermediate or even most newbies would agree that they have seen only a few fishing reels as capable and effortless as the Redington Zero Fly Wheel. It is loaded with features that you will need for a standard click and check trout reel. But that’s not all.

Redington Zero Fly Fishing Reel, Lightweight Design for Trout, Clicker Drag System, Sand, 2/3

It offers way more than a standard fly reel. Today, we are going to reveal all the aspects of this brilliant piece and see how worth the item is in our Redington Zero review.

We will focus on its functionality, performance in real life, construction quality with all the advantages and disadvantages. The article also includes a short buying guide for your convenience.

Redington Zero Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

The Redington zero fishing reel is undoubtedly one of the most economical angling reels with loads of future at present. If you are an avid trout fisherman and loves using a conventional click and check fishing reel, then you must love this simple solution.

Redington zero fishing reel

The reel works brilliantly for small water bodies, lakes, and rivers where you would find fishes in abundance.  Redington has kept things simple with this reel instead of being flamboyant, which makes the reel worthwhile for most avid anglers.

The Zero focuses on a classic trout specific design with all the facilities you want for a more than just standard reel. It is made lightweight and packs a punch despite being a relatively inexpensive reel at about 100$ – this is a profitable deal by any standard.

It has a large arbor cast that significantly increases the retrieval rate, whereas, its advanced die-cast construction makes it incredibly lightweight. Furthermore, when wrangling a trout or other fishes, its Delrin or aluminum drug system with a recent upgrade works effortlessly.

As we proceed next on to this Redington zero 2/3 review, so, it’s time to see its versatility, which mostly comes from its different sizes. The super-durable die-cast

 design of the Zero fish reel comes in two different sizes- 2/3 ad 4/5, which makes it even more convenient for anglers to choose their preferred one.

What’s more, both sizes come into four attractive color variants- sand, black, Avocado, and Teal. All of these color schemes will perfectly suit your mood when fishing for small trout in a serene water body. The colorful variation also is a perfect match for the lightweight design of the fly reel.

It weighs only 0.16 ounces, thanks to its lightweight aluminum construction. Additionally, its relatively low-price range makes the fly reel an ideal alternative to the heavyweight and expensive fishing machines.

The handles of the fly reel feature soft touch with twin-molded design to give you a smooth feel during trout fishing. This is particularly helpful to keep hands safe from work fatigue during long fishing hours at a stretch.

The drag system of Zero is a classic click and check system. It may not be as effective as some of the modern-day drag systems, but it does the job quite perfectly. The drag system is ideal for small operations where you won’t need huge drags.

Redington Zero Fly Fishing Reel, Lightweight Design for Trout, Clicker Drag System, Sand, 2/3

The gear is made of Delrin while the clicker is made of durable anodized aluminum, which decreases the overall weight of the drag despite being a super-durable fishing tool.  Furthermore, due to superior quality material, the drag system is reliable and won’t fail during the critical moment of fishing.

Lastly, the Redington Zero Fly Reel supports a large arbor. This is a great feature to have in any fly reel since large arbors help anglers to fight trout effectively to wrangle them with increased line pickups. It also has an excellent U-shape spool, which works brilliantly in small creek lines and as well as in short trout lines- hence the fly reel becomes one of the most versatile reels in the fishing industry.

The well-constructed arbor design also ensures that anglers won’t need to worry about where the line lands as they play with the fish before a catch.

When it comes to the warranty, the product has a limited lifetime warranty, but that’s not a matter of concern because we expect the flying reel to withstand wear and tear for at least a few years of use.

Fly Reel Buyer Guide: Things You Must Consider 

Selecting the best fly-fishing reel is a relatively easy task. You will only need to focus on a few crucial factors as you purchase a fly reel. Yet, many people find it challenging. That’s why I have jotted down all the vital elements that you must consider for buying an appropriate fishing reel.

Redington Zero Fly Fishing Reel, Lightweight Design for Trout, Clicker Drag System, Sand, 2/3

Retrieval system

The primary job of a reel when retrieving a fish is to collect the fishing line. It should be quick and reliable. Ideally, there are three types of retrieval systems that you will find. These are single action, multiplying, and lastly, the auto retrieval fly reel system.

If you are a new angler, the single retrieval system should be adequate for you.

Size of the arbor

An arbor size of a reel defines the size of the wheel that holds the line. It often affects the overall performance of the fishing reel. As a standard rule, reels with small arbors are lightweight and less expensive. While the large arbors are costly and often weighty.

However, if you are targeting a large trout or bonefish which are famous for making the long run, you will require a larger arbor likewise, the Redington Zero 4/5 review. It has a large arbor but is incredibly lightweight, and so carrying and lining it is super-easy.

Spool size and line weight

If you love large arbors, your line should also be weighty since it brings consistency. Moreover, you also should consider the appropriate spool size. The best part is that spool size remains almost constant with large arbors, but they may vary in small arbors.

So, keep an eye on these two crucial facts.

Drag system

It refers to the slowing down process of the reel and eventually stopping to a stand steel state in the case, the fish walks away with the lure. There are two types of drag system that we find mostly-

  • Click and check: It functions with a spring, a geared mechanism to impart power on the reel so that it stops.
  • Disc brake: Here, the disc functions to create the friction that slows down the reel, and then, it stops eventually. This is more preferred in modern-day reels.


If all things fall in place, you need to focus on buying a lightweight fly reel. It is easy to carry and helps convenient application. Nonetheless, make sure that reel weight matches the rod; otherwise, it may get damaged.


  • The Redington Zero fly reel has two different sizes- 2/3 and 4/5, which are great for adjusting the reel size.
  • Its drug is made of anodized aluminum with Delrin gear that is easy to operate and also durable.
  • The classic click and check drag is ideal for fishing trout in creek, lakes, and rivers.
  • Its large arbor comes helpful during wrangling and playing with fishes before you catch them.
  • The die-cast aluminum design is lightweight and durable.
  • The fly reel is available in four different color variants to suit your preference.


  • Durable construction.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Large arbor for the smooth cast.
  • Extremely cost-affordable.
  • Available in different colors and sizes.


  • Drag lacks strength.
  • Not ideal for huge drags.
  • It is mainly made for small angling application.
Redington Zero Fly Fishing Reel, Lightweight Design for Trout, Clicker Drag System, Sand, 2/3


The Redington Zero Fly Reel is a real deal at an incredibly low price with almost all premium qualities that you would want in your favorite flying reel. It’s lightweight and has a large arbor with the iconic click and check drag for your convenience.

You will love its quick and safe operation at the time of fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does fly fishing mean?

Answer: Fly fishing is the most ancient fishing sport known to a human being. In fly fishing, a fisherman uses an artificial and nearly weightless fly reel to catch fish. It requires a fly rod, fly reel, line, a fly, and lastly, a tapered leader for fly fishing.

2. What do you mean by a fly?

Answer: In general terms, a fly is an artificial and weightless lure that fishers use to catch fish. The manufacturers construct it using either synthetic materials, feathers, or furs. The fly is almost identical to the shape, color, and size of the original food of a specific fish that prompts the fish.


With optimal performance, exact functions, and readiness at work, the Redington Zero Fly Reel is a real win-win product for the customer. We admit that the reel isn’t as rugged and polished as the premium products but it comes in less than 100$. That’s beneficial for most anglers.

The Redington Zero review thus highlights the most prominent advantages of the brilliant fishing tool that will come handy for you. Once you purchase it, your fishing experience will never be the same.

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