Pflueger Supreme XT Review: A Must-Have Spinning Reel

Ask any expert fisherman who likes to fish around the freshwater and inshore, and all will speak that the reel sensitivity is the most vital thing to catch successfully. What’s interesting is that the sensitivity of the fishing reel is related to its weight. The lighter the fishing reel is, the better the sensitivity will be.

In this case, the Pflueger Supreme XT angling reel tops everyone. Yes, the Supreme XT from Pflueger is one of the lightest and most sensitive spinning reels in its class. What’s more, this impressive spinning reel provides all possible high-end features despite being a mid-range budget reel.

Hence, anglers worldwide talk high about this spinning reel. Today, we are going to intercept the Pflueger Supreme XT to verify whether or not it’s worth the appreciation. Lastly, we will add a clinical verdict on why this fishing reel is so admirable and who should use it.

So, let’s start the journey.

Pflueger Supreme XT Review

A conventional fishing reel is built for lures and light lines. It is beneficial for catching Walleyes and Basses. At present, manufacturers are producing more versatile fishing reel to fish larger species and more varieties.

Nonetheless, if you are a North American and love Bass fishing, you ought to have this Supreme XT from Pflueger. The premium spinning reel loads with high-impact performance, superior durability, lightweight for better sensitivity, and a pocket-friendly price that most anglers would love.


Supreme XT comes with a contemporary look that will add aesthetics in your fishing boat. But its not all about the look. Instead, Pflueger is more concerned with the durability and versatility of the item when it comes to design.

So, they have made the spinning reel using lightweight Magnesium. The magnesium body also ensures that the coil will be non-corrosive and rust-proof. In fact, the design is almost feather-light for convenient use.

Also, the manufacturer has used carbon instead of aluminum for the handle. Hence, it is 21% lighter than the most standard reels. With such lightweight design and premium material, this spinning reel personifies immortality- will last for years after years.


I bet no spinning reel will even dare to compete with Supreme XT when it comes to performance. Such is the overwhelming performance of this angling reel.

This legendary reel is designed for all discriminating anglers to help them take their angling skills to the next level. Its corrosion-resistant ten ball bearing system enables butter-smooth dragging, which is extremely important to catch the agile and robust bass and other fishes.

Also, the carbon drag with regular lubrication and the sealed system is ready to deliver smooth performance anytime. You won’t have to experience any drag failure or difficulty with this brilliant piece of art.

Furthermore, its gearing system features slow oscillation to minimize the braided lines while improving the line lay. Then there’s the high-density EVA knob. It makes the dragging and operating the reel comfortable and fatigue-free.

Durability and Comfort at Fish Retrieving

The body frame is made of Magnesium, which is non-corroding and rust-fee for durable usage. Also, with powder coating, the structure is further strengthened to withstand all weather conditions.

Moreover, with added power, you will find it easy to handle large fish. Anglers appreciate it’s the ability to fight with the hard-pulling fish and eventually cast the fish to a halt. Fishers also love its Smart retrieving technology. It enables anglers to lay lines with perfect precision.

The roaring handle is made ergonomically to help you with the comfortable operation. Thankfully, the Eva knob allows fatigue-free easy rotating to release and retrieve the line with ease. It is particularly suitable for novice fishers who would unless find the releasing and returning tough.

Functional Applicability

The Supreme XT fishing reel is made for angling in the freshwater and coastal regions. It is built with modern amenities to help anglers catch big fishes. But the spinning reel is best for catching Bass and Walleye, two of the most popular fish for the catch.

But if you can take care of the baits and reel, as many experts say, this reel can be used for fishing in the seas as well. So, you are all set to fish nearly everywhere with this fantastic fishing reel from Pflueger.

Highlighted Features

• The Eva knob handle is made with carbon instead of aluminum, and so it is 21% lighter than regular ones.
• It’s Smart Retrieving features perfect lining in every cast.
• The spool is braid ready for the direct and strong tie with the reel.
• The spinning reel is ideal for a wide range of fishing applications.
• The gearing facilities slow oscillation for improved lining
• The EVA knob handle is ergonomic and comfortable to use.


• Reasonable price tag
• Lighter yet durable design
• Wide application
• Left and right orientation is possible


• Usable mostly in freshwater and inshore.
• Magnesium design isn’t so much sturdy.


This incredible fishing spinning reel will do wonders in catching large bass, making you a champion angler. Also, if you are in a strict budget, this spinning reel is ideal for you.

Fishing Reel Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

These days spinning reels for fishing is getting leaps and bounds popularity. Hence, if you want to purchase an appropriate fishing reel with a spinning function, you need to consider the following things. At first, the reel size will determine the measurements of the line. For fishing in lakes and rivers, a small fishing reel with a lightweight line should be okay. In short, the size of the tree determined the weight.

Next, you need to consider the spin gear ratio. It is determined by the number of rotations a spool can perform for a single turn of the handle. Ideally, the small reels come with 4:1 ration, but some high-end reels feature 5:1 and 6:1 ratio also
Next, you must figure out the drag system. It determines the pressure applied to a hooked fish and also during line release. If the drag system is not smooth, you will probably lose the fish and even damage the reel.

Hence, keep an eye on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the gear ratio and line capacity for Plunger Supreme XT spinning reel
The standard gear ratio of Supreme XT is 6.2:1. The line capacity for 6 lbs and 8 lbs reel system is 145 yards and 130 yards, respectively.

2. Can XT Fishing Spinning reel tackle a light trout fish?
Yes, this spinning reel will tackle a lightweight trout fish at ease. In fact, this reel is an extraordinary device to grab any tough trout and bass.

3. Is this reel ideal for saltwater fishing?
Well, this answer is a bit tricky. Although it is small in size, you can use it in bay wading. As long as you don’t let the saltwater from entering the reel, it will be okay working in the seawater.


Fishing with a reel is fun. You get the ultimate hoy when a large trout or bass gets caught in your reel. However, for such prolific enjoyment, you will require to have a state-of-the-art fishing reel like this Supreme XT from Pflueger.

This superior reel will eventually become your bosom friend to catch your favorite trout and bass. You will be able to catch other fish species as well. So, when are you going to your next fishing trip with Pflueger XT Supreme

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