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best bowfishing arrow

Deer hunting is thought to be the most challenging sport when it comes to agility and quick response. But ask any expert angler, you will get to know the real challenge, playing with a big cat or carp fish at 10 ft away from you and make it come tired enough to catch the big one. Yes- it’s all about bow fishing, the thriller pack fishing activity.

Do you want to test the fun, thrill, and excitement of bow fishing? You will need patience, precision, fast hands, accuracy, and above everything, the best bowfishing arrow.

You know what, bowfishing is identical to archery, you need to hit the bullseye, nut its played in the water, and your target is a moving fish, not a static board. So, bowfishing becomes even more challenging. And that’s why you must have the most accurately built bowfishing arrow in your repertoire.

But the question that evokes almost profoundly is that how to select the best arrow for bowfishing? Will you test all the arrows available in the market? Well, that’s impossible because if you can do so, you will become a superhero, “The Bow Man.”

Jokes apart, let’s take a look at five best bowfishing arrows in 2020 that we have selected for you? These bows are all ready to make your bowfishing fun and loving.

At a glance:

Our Favorite Best Bowfishing Arrow List

  1. IronBuddy 10 Pack Bow Fishing Slingshot Catapult Dart
  2. AMS Bowfishing Fiberglass Arrow
  3. TRUGLO Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrow
  4. Crossbow Broadheads Mechanical Broadheads
  5. Maifield Bowfishing Head Carbon-Fiber Arrow Shafts

Are You In Hurry ?

IronBuddy 10 Pack Bow Fishing Arrowheads Stainless Steel Fishing Slingshot Catapult Dart Broadheads Arrow Heads Hunting Tips Points

The Test Winner is Here

Our Top Pick:

IronBuddy 10 Pack Bow Fishing Slingshot Catapult Dart

Why It Is Better ?

  • Durable use.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Portable.
  • Sturdy.

Sometimes shopping for an accurate bowfishing arrow can become a tricky and challenging job. Although novice anglers think that they can easily use a regular arrow for bowfishing, that’s far from reality.

You need to buy a specialized arrow for bowfishing with extreme durability and the ability to handle the pressure. So, let’s take a look at which arrows withstand us through verification to get a review in this article.

Five Best Bowfishing Arrows That You Should Have In 2020

Best Overall: IronBuddy 10 Pack Bow Fishing Slingshot Catapult Dart

IronBuddy 10 Pack Bow Fishing Arrowheads Stainless Steel Fishing Slingshot Catapult Dart Broadheads Arrow Heads Hunting Tips Points

Iron Buddy is famous for manufacturing some of the unique fishing tools in an affordable price range, and they seem to have lived up to their expectations with this brilliant piece of engineering.

Iron Buddy has included 10 pieces of arrowheads in the package, and this comes at a surprisingly low price. This is ideal for novice learners since they wouldn’t want to spend much initially on arrows.

These fishing arrows are made of stainless steel with a rust and corrosion-proof feature. It is extremely crucial since the arrows continuously deal with harsh water conditions. Also, the stainless-steel arrowheads are sturdy enough to withstand any damage in case the arrows heat any rock.

The next thing you will love about the arrows is its lightweight design. Despite being made of premium quality stainless steel, the arrowhead weighs only 21 g each. So, you can take all 10 arrowheads with you without thinking about the weight carrying the burden.

Also, its 5.9” inches length is sufficient to through any fish skins. The stealthy arrowhead also supports the perfect piercing, thanks to its pinpoint and sharp tip. The arrow is suitable for both regular bowfishing and slingshot fishing as well.

And lastly, when not in use, you can easily detach the arrowhead and store it in a secure place. Hence the arrowhead set facilitates anglers with everything they need, durability, piercing power, and convenient storage.


  •  The package includes 10 arrowheads for bowfishing.
  •  Iron Buddy constructed this arrowhead set with rust and corrosion-proof stainless steel.
  •  Each arrowhead weighs only 21 g making the transportation easy.
  •  The detachable facility makes storage convenient.
  •  The arrowhead set is an excellent replacement for conventional bowfishing and slingshot fishing.


  • Durable use.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Portable.
  • Sturdy.


  • May brittle at occasions.


If you want to hunt bigger fishes with accuracy, the IronBuddy Catapult Dart will come handy for you. It’s lightweight, accurate, and durable that makes bowfishing fun.

AMS Bowfishing Fiberglass Arrow

AMS Bowfishing Fiberglass Arrow-White w/Chaos FX Point & AMS EverGlide Safety Slide

The AMS Chaos Bowfishing arrow is the ideal choice for newbies, thanks to its convenient use and high-precision performance during angling session. AMS, the reliable manufacturer, has used top-notch fiberglass to make this arrow. Hence, fishers enjoy superior durability. To speak the truth, fiberglass is more durable and stealthier than stainless steel.

So, this arrow won’t crack or damage even if you mistakenly hit the rocks beneath or side of your fishing zone. What’s more, with a stealthy and sharp tip point, the arrow will pierce even the largest trout and carps, leaving no chance to escape.

AMS names this precision tip as Cyclone Tip that you can count on for convenient fishing. Furthermore, the arrow comes with barbs on its pivotal point. It ensures that the fish remains caught. While most people think that removing the barb is robust, the reality is quite the opposite.

Loosen the tip and then apply mild pressure to remove the barb. What’s more, you will like its nock with a bright orange color. The bright color gives the nock high visibility. Therefore, you can quickly point out where your arrow has gone. This comfortable and convenient finding scope of the nock is a critical feature for the bowfishing head.

Moreover, the fiberglass shaft comes with check precision that enables the arrow to fly straight without being deviated much due to air direction. So, you can expect more accuracy in your shots. Lastly, its Chaos FX tip point is made of stainless steel, and so it remains rust and corrosion-free.

With all these high-performing features, this bowfishing arrow has been winning angler’s heart worldwide.


  • AMS built this bowfishing arrow with fiberglass for added durability.
  • The Cyclone tip provides exceptional penetration and is replaceable also.
  • AMS brings this bowfishing arrow with EverGlide Safety Slide.
  • The checked fiberglass shaft allows accurate and straightened shot.
  • The Chaos FX is made with stainless steel for superior durability and intense penetration.


According to expert anglers, the AMS bowfishing arrow is a perfect match for carp fishing. Also, its barb enables fishers to hold the fish conveniently.


  • Barb included.
  • Convenient visibility.
  • Proper safety.
  • Lightweight.


  • Pricey.

TRUGLO Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrow

TruGlo Carpedo Superior Durable Hunting Bowfishing Arrow w/Slide Safety System - 575 Grain Point, 6-Sided Tip, Mechanical Toothed Barbs

The Truglo bowfishing arrow is a premium quality arrow made by a leading manufacturer in the industry. Hence, you trust its performance and take it to catch even the toughest fish like trout, carp, and some more prominent catfish species.

Its shaft or mainframe is made using high-quality fiberglass for stability and lightweight. Also, the fiberglass has been colored with bright fluorescent that has high-visibility. So, you won’t have to anymore beat around the bush to find the arrow, in case you miss the shot.

Furthermore, its tip has been made with hardened and superior quality stainless steel. Hence, it is durable, letting anglers high-precision and convenient catch. Moreover, the stainless-steel tip ensures that it won’t crack or damage even being hit with a rock.

Anglers across the world also appreciate its “Slide Nock Safety System,” which allows users to safely retrieve and set the arrow on the bow after each release. It reduces the retrieval time while ensures the smoothness and accuracy of the shots.

But the fantastic features don’t stop here only. The nock diameter is ultra-slim. So, it increases the accuracy in every shot. So, overall, this bowfishing arrow is quite a decent fishing bow for anglers. However, there’s a slide stop that works like a lock collar. Although it doesn’t affect the performance of this bowfishing arrow, some people feel discomfort with it. But as we see, this isn’t a big issue.


  • The Truglo bowfishing arrow is made from fiberglass, which is stable and stealthy.
  • Its tip is made using stainless steel for durability and accurate catches.
  • Truglo has colored the fiberglass construction in bright fluorescent for easy visibility after release.
  • Its nock safety system ensures smooth retrieval and precision shots.
  • The nock diameter is ultra-slim; so, you can expect better accuracy.


  • High-visibility.
  • Smooth retrieval and setup.
  • Durable.
  • Perfect penetration.


  • The glue isn’t effective.


According to most anglers, this Truglo Bowfishing Arrow comes with the best safety measurements at present. Also, the hit rate is quite higher than some of its counterparts.

Crossbow Broadheads Mechanical Broadheads

Crossbow Broadheads 100 Grain for Hunting Deer – 6 Pack of Mechanical Broadheads with Twin Blades That Deploy on Impact – with 2” Cut Diameter and Hardened Steel Chisel Tips for Maximum Penetration

Fast, accurate, and durable, all these features define this brilliantly engineered Crossbow Broadheads from IviVak, the famous manufacturer. Initially made for deer hunting, the arrowheads have soon won hearts of fishers, thanks to its effectivity underwater as well.

Once you outfit the crossbow arrows with these ferocious broadheads, you can easily tear off the prey literally within seconds. Its high speed and precision won’t give your prey s chance to stand and flee away.
Its tip has been reinforced with the 100-grain weight that allows the broadhead to travel with an optimal momentum and lets you hit the target more accurately than ever. This is made possible due to the tip’s forward-weight balance management.

The design of the broadheads makes it possible to travel long distances while minimizing the effect of external blockades such as wind direction and speed. So, this is ideal for deer hunting and bow fishing on a broader space or waterbodies.

The tips head has been chiseled to add better penetration. What’s more, it decreases the bone deflection of the fish. Its razor-sharp tip is ideal for killing moose, deer, and elk.

The mechanical broadhead also features Spring-Clip for a better retention system. It prevents depletion in flight and clears foot stirrup to avoid damage to the crossbow further. Furthermore, the broadhead frame is made with aviation-grade aluminum. So, it is stealthy and durable.

Also, the 0.35 inches tip is easily replaceable in case it gets damaged due to any unavoidable reason. And lastly, the 6-piece broadhead set comes with a handsome storage case. The storage features snap-lock, so you won’t need to worry about dust or to lose the arrowheads.


  • Ivivak has made the broadheads using aviation-grade aluminum for durability and strength.
  • Its chiseled tip ensures accuracy and better penetration.
  • The mechanical broadhead features flawless performance due to its sturdy construction.
  • It has a faster traveling rate than the regular crossbow broadheads.
  • It is ideal for catching deer, elk, and moose.


The broadhead comes with an aerodynamic design to give you a better fishing experience. Also, the red color makes it visible so, and you will find it easy to retrieve.


  • Rugged construction.
  • Fast-moving.
  • Improved accuracy.


  • Costly.
  • Not so suitable for hunting medium fish.

Maifield Bowfishing Head Carbon-Fiber Arrow Shafts

maifield Bowfishing Head 2 Mechanical barbs 2.5' Holding Area Archery Broadhead Fits 5/16' Fiberglass Arrow Shaft (6pcs per Pack)

Any bowfishing arrow, especially the head, needs to have two significant quality- lightweight design and striking accuracy. Luckily this bowfishing head from MaiField meets both the condition. And so, you can trust this bowhead when it comes to catching your favorite fish.

The unique bowfishing head is equipped with a 31-inches long and 5/16-inches diameter of the arrow shaft. The compound bow arrow shaft is made of fiberglass that looks premium and also delivers optimal performance while fishing.

The arrow tip is made of superior-quality stainless steel that adds durability and strength to the bow. The fantastic mechanical barb construction of this bowfishing tool also supports the arrow tip. The barbs are 2 in number, and each has a 2.5” measurement. Once you release the tip, the barb’s losses to provide you with accuracy and better penetration.

What’s more, the whole setup, including the bowfishing arrowhead and barbs, comes fully assembled. So, you won’t need to think about how to assemble the package, which lets you fish with more freedom at hand.

The fiberglass body and stainless-steel tip both are durable and lightweight. To speak the truth, each arrow weighs near about a few ounces, and so, you can carry multiple arrows with you for the convenient fishing experience.

The archery broadhead and arrow are ideal for various types of fishing that includes freshwater and swallow marine water near lagoons. With this brilliant engineering example, your bowfishing experience will soon go to the next level of enjoyment.

Also, its reasonable price tag allows you to shop without worrying about the budget anymore. Maifield is generous enough to provide a 12 months warranty period along with 30 days full refund policy if you experience any error with the setup.


  • The arrow shaft is 3” long and has a 5/16” diameter for accurate shots.
  • The pair of burbs allow easy holding of the fish and also enables deeper penetration.
  • Its nock spring slide comes with brilliant safety measurements.
  • The lightweight design enables fishers to carry multiple bowfishing arrows on the fishing spot.
  • Maifeld brings a 30 days refund policy for the broken arrows.


This arrowhead with arrow shafts for bowfishing is ideal for beginners to warm up and test their arrow fishing ability. Also, at a reasonable price, the bowfishing arrow delivers premium performance that every fisher would love.


  • Durable.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Accurate shots.
  • Deep penetration.


  • Not so stable.
  • Works only in swallow water.

Bowfishing Arrow Buyer Guide | Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Bowfishing Arrow

So, finally, you have decided to give the bowfishing method a try. That’s a great decision. You are all set to experience one of the most fun-filled and thrilling hunting sports around the corner. But for that, you will need to have a high-performing bowfishing arrow at your hand.

Hence, for your convenience, we have piled up the most important factors to consider when purchasing the best bowfishing arrow. So, let’s check them.

Construction Quality

The building material of the bowfishing arrow confirms its durability and overall performance to a large extent. So, it is compulsive that you choose a shaft that is made of heavy-duty material to withstand years of use.

These days, bowfishing arrows are made from either stainless steel or fiberglass. While both provide excellent durability, fiberglass is lightweight. Also, almost every manufacturer uses stainless steel to construct the tip of the head for added strength and durability.

Also, remember that fiberglass arrows are less likely to break or crack even if hit by a rock while you shot them. So, it is preferable in challenging conditions than the stainless-steel ones.

Arrow Shaft

The shaft of the bowfishing arrow is responsible for the straight traveling of the arrow. So, it’s natural that the better beams your arrows have, the more precise it will be. This means with an increase in shaft quality; the arrow will travel in a straight line.

So, instead of buying a low-end shaft, try to buy the higher-end shaft for accuracy in fishing.

Safety Measurement

Injuries due to improper safety lock and slide in the bowfishing arrow aren’t rare. Many fishers have either injured their finger or accidentally lost their arrows due to inappropriate safety slides. So, you must come up with a proper safety slide for the arrow.

It will stop the arrow from getting tangled as you line up the hunt.


Many fishers have experienced tissue injures in fingers due to the untimely slip off the arrow from the bow. This is harmful to your safety and also discomforting while shooting the arrow.
Hence, if you don’t want to experience this nerve shaking bummer, you should pick an arrow that offers a nock with high-end visibility. The higher visibility also ensures that you won’t have to look for the arrow here and there., You can easily detect it.

Furthermore, the nock also ensures that the arrow stands on the bow until you are ready to hit your already locked target.


Barb is a tool attached to the arrow tip to get hold of the fish flesh. As the arrow tip pierces through the fish, it is the barb that caught hold of the fish. So, the fish won’t be able to flee away. So, you need to buy an arrow with appropriate barb length so that the fish stand no chance against the shaft to flee away.

Fish Removal Process

As in most cases, the arrow penetrates the fish flesh deeply. Sometimes, it makes the removal of the fish arrow extremely tough. So, you should buy a bowfishing pointer that offers easy removal of the arrow tip from the hit fish.

Tip Accuracy

It’s the arrowhead or tip which is responsible for piercing through the fish. Ideally, the tip should be pointy and sharp so that it can easily pierce through the fish flesh without much difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I customize my bowfishing arrow?

Yes, you can get your customized bowfishing arrow if you want. Many fishing shops offer customizable bowfishing arrows for sale. However, there’s little you can do if you have already purchased an arrow for bowfishing. In this case, you may change the arrow colo0r for better visibility. Also, you shouldn’t over customize your arrow as to overdone and ultimately damaging the arrow.

2. Can you tell me the differences between a regular and bowfishing arrow?

Regular arrows don’t come along a line. So, with these arrows, you are less likely to get your hit fish. Also, these lack barbs that allow the fish to flee away. On the contrary, a bowfishing arrow comes with a barb and line that enables you to collect the fish quickly.
Furthermore, a specialized bowfishing arrow is most likely to penetrate the fish flesh more than a regular hunting or sports arrow.

3. Do these bowfishing arrows come with a warranty?

Yes, the bowfishing arrows that we have reviewed all come up with a warranty. However, we recommend you contact the manufacturer or dealer to know the -preconditions for the warranty or guarantee or even the money-back policy.


Bowfishing is a relatively new introduction in the fishing arena. Nonetheless, the fishing technique has seen fast popularity among fishers due to its marvelous excitement and fun part. So, naturally, many manufacturers have come up with different bowfishing arrows.

Since you can’t test these all, we have carefully examined the most prominent, high-rated, and user-friendly bowfishing arrows to came up with these best bowfishing arrows. Once you pick one of the fantastic pieces of arrows, your fishing experience will change forever.

In fact, it may well happen that you may get addicted to bowfishing techniques and thus, don’t blame us!

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