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best pinfish trap

If you have a good knowledge of fishes then, chances you are well aware of the fact that some fishes such as minnows or pinfish are better as baits than a typical meal.

Now, pinfish fall in the category of baits. Fishing with pinfish experience is awesome. They are handy due to their baiting capabilities, and you can use them to trap spotted sea trout, pelicans, cobia, longnose gar, red drum, and much more.

Nevertheless, catching pinfishes is not a walk in the park. The process requires some training, a few techniques, and a well-functioning high-quality pinfish trap.

However, choosing the best pinfish trap for sale is difficult because the market is full of them. So, chances are you may end up purchasing the wrong one, which is a total waste of money.

The article consists of the top pinfish trap on the market and a buying guide to assist the beginners.

Therefore, if you hate failing and want to make your pinfish catching experience delightful then, we suggest you look at our review of the best pinfish traps for sale.

At a glance:

Our Favorite Best Pinfish Traps List

  1. Bandito TPK05 Key West Style Pinfish Trap
  2. Frabill 1264 Pinfish Trap
  3. Joy Fish Pinfish Trap-Key Key West Fishing Bait
  4. Easy Big Portable Bait Pinfish Trap
  5. Joy Fish Pinfish Trap 18” x 14” x 8”

Are You In Hurry ?

TPK05 Bandito Key West Style Pinfish Trap

The Test Winner is Here

Our Top Pick:

Bandito TPK05 Key West Style Pinfish Trap

Why It Is Better ?

  • The product is affordable.
  • Immune to corrosion.
  • Convenient size makes it portable.
  • Outperforms other models.

Our Selected 3 TOP Pinfish Traps Comparison

Product image
Top Choice
TPK05 Bandito Key West Style Pinfish Trap
Best Overall
Frabill Rectangular Pinfish Trap | Vinyl Dipped Steel Mesh Trap Specifically Designed for Pinfish | Freshwater and Saltwater Tested
Best Price
Joy Fish Pinfish Trap-Key Key West Fishing Bait, Silver
Top Choice
Product image
TPK05 Bandito Key West Style Pinfish Trap
More information
Best Overall
Product image
Frabill Rectangular Pinfish Trap | Vinyl Dipped Steel Mesh Trap Specifically Designed for Pinfish | Freshwater and Saltwater Tested
More information
Best Price
Product image
Joy Fish Pinfish Trap-Key Key West Fishing Bait, Silver
More information

Our Most-liked Best Pinfish Trap Review

After rigorous research, we have come to these 5 products. They are the best in the market and consist of all the essential features such as versatility, budget-friendliness, and more.

Let us have a look:

Bandito TPK05 Key West Style Pinfish Trap – Best Overall

Bandito TPK05 Pinfish Trap

The Bandito TPK05 Key West Style Pinfish Trap is a piece of sturdy and well-designed equipment which is known to outperform many other pinfish traps. It uses secure and robust materials to achieve maximum durability.

This device is built for catching pinfish, but it can trap other bait fishes as well. Its measurements are 11” x 13” x 15.5”. Moreover, it uses 16-gauge galvanized PVC coated mesh.

The PVC coating makes it immune to corrosion. If you take proper care of it, the device will last you for a lifetime. It has two unique entrances for the pinfish to enter.

This will enable a higher entry of live bait inside the trap. The unique position of the entrances will also prevent the bait from leaving the equipment. Moreover, the size of the trap is quite manageable.

You can either use the trap with or without a buoy.  Even though the device is burdened with lead, the ample amount of fish will be able to make it float. All you have to do is throw some chunk of block inside the trap.


  • The product is affordable.
  • Immune to corrosion.
  • Convenient size makes it portable.
  • Outperforms other models.


  • A bit heavy.

Frabill Pinfish Trap

Frabill 1264 Pinfish Trap

The Frabill Pinfish Trap is a reliable and efficient pinfish Trap for sale that you can take with you when you plan to go on fishing. Its measurements are 18″ x 12″ x 8″. With this device you can catch a massive amount of pinfish in no time.

The trap has a flat bottom, which makes it very stable. You can just put it down on any irregular terrain, and it will remain upstanding. The whole device is constructed with heavy-duty steel mesh dipped in vinyl.

This makes the trap very sturdy and durable. It is also saltwater approved and immune to corrosion. The sliding mesh gate is quite easy to open and provides easy accessibility to the live bait.

Moreover, the equipment is perfect for anglers because they can spend as much time as they want on fishing. Its large structure will enable you to store a lot of catches.

The entrance is quite large, and it also has an inverted filter to put the bait into the trap quickly. Through its sliding back door, you can remove the pinfish from the trap.


  • Has a flat bottom for easy maneuverability.
  • Saltwater approved and immune to rust.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Durable construction


It isn’t easy to open the sliding doors.

Joy Fish Pinfish Trap-Key Key West Fishing Bait

Joy Fish Pinfish Trap

If you want a trap that can catch fish in clear waters, then the Joy Fish Pinfish Trap-Key Key West Fishing Bait is for you. It is an efficient device that is suitable for both professionals and amateurs.

Other than pinfish, you can also trap sea bass, mutton minnow, squirrelfish, porgies, perch, spot, bluegill, and many more. Its measurements are 15″ x 13″ x 11″.

Unlike traditional pinfish traps, you do not need any adjustments for this device. It has brilliant access. This means the fish will easily be able to enter the trap but will not know how to get out.

Although its average size means that you will not be able to catch a lot of fish because it fills up pretty quickly, however, you can trap an ample amount of pinfish in it.

It has a solid construction and is made of high-quality zinc bars. This feature makes it resistant to corrosion. There are two entrance channels for fish to enter freely. Moreover, it has a bungee locked door for simple access.Joy Fish Pinfish Trap-Key Key West Fishing Bait


  • Contains four entrances for trapping fish.
  • Solid construction with black vinyl.
  • Easy to remove the catch.
  • Suitable for other types of fishes.


  • Not suitable in saltwater.

Easy Big Portable Bait Pinfish Trap

Easy Big Portable Bait Pinfish Trap

The Easy Big Portable Bait Pinfish Trap by EASY BIG is an efficient and stylish device with lots of innovative features. You can use this bait for fishes, minnow, shrimp, crawdad, crab, and crayfish.

This trap is mostly used for shrimps. Since it is portable, you can easily carry it around with you. You don’t have to install or set it up as it comes pre-installed. The trap has a 360-degree design, which is excellent for catching lobsters, crabs, etc.

However, one thing you should be aware of is that the mesh surrounding the fish cage is only used for catching crabs and fishes. The mesh might get lacerated or torn by sharp rocks and branches of trees.

So, you need to be careful and keep the cage in a flat area at the bottom of the water. There are three different sizes available in this trap. The small size has six entrances, the medium size has 12 entrances, and the largest size has 16 entrances.

Each of the entrances can skillfully trap the fish inside and prevent them from leaving.


  • Portable and foldable.
  • Easy to use with numerous entrances.
  • Able to catch lobsters, crab, shrimp, etc.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Doesn’t stand erect.

Joy Fish Pinfish Trap 18” x 14” x 8”

Joy Fish Pinfish Trap

The Joy Fish Pinfish Trap from is an innovative device made with high-quality materials. Its measurements are 18” x 14” x 8”. This is one of the best baits for the pinfish trap.

It not only traps pinfish but also catches other bait fishes such as sea bass, spot, squirrelfish, shiners, bluegill, mutton minnow, perch, porgies, and many more. The trap is made of welded wire, which is coated with black vinyl.

To catch the pinfish, you have to fill the trap correctly with your preferred bait and lower it in the water. You don’t have to worry about not catching enough fish since there are four gates through which they can enter.

The flexible design of this trap makes it easy to put in the attractant. Furthermore, it is just as simple to extract your catch from the device. It has a solid built and a flat bottom so you can keep it on any terrain.

Moreover, the trap comes at a very reasonable price with excellent durability.


  • Sturdy construction of zinc bars.
  • Has two entrances.
  • Contains a bungee locked door.
  • Corrosion-resistant.


  • Fills up quickly.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Best Pinfish Trap

Purchasing a pinfish trap is easy, but choosing the best one is not. Several features are essential for an ideal pinfish trap. These aspects make them useful and, at the same time, worth your hard-earned money.

So, make sure to check out these elements before getting a pinfish trap especially, if you are inexperienced in this field.


Durability is the utmost important feature of any product, and the same goes for a pinfish trap. If your item is not durable and sturdy then, chances are it will fail over time.

On the other hand, a durable product saves money as you do not have to go through the expense of buying another one. It also assures the security of a large catch, which happens once in a blue moon.

Therefore, you should check what materials the manufacturers are using to make the item. Some items offer heavy-duty steel, which is excellent for improving the durability of a pinfish trap.

You can also purchase the ones that come with galvanized steel or coated with heavy-duty vinyl, which is exceptionally beneficial when you are fishing in salt waters. These materials also help to increase the lifetime and sturdiness of a trap.


A large opening increases the probability of fishes entering your trap. It makes it easier for pinfishes to enter the trap with minimum obstacles.

On the downside, it may also increase the chance of fishes escaping once they realize it’s a trap. However, there is a solution to the problem. Use proper baits and know when to seal off the opening.

Therefore, you should use a big entrance because it is better to let the fishes go inside the trap than not to let them come inside at all. Inverted funnels are also useful for allowing fishes to enter a trap without any nuisance.

Retrieval Panel

Some great pinfish traps come with a sliding or back panel. These panels enable you to retrieve your catch seamlessly. Moreover, with the help of the right panel, you can set your baits without facing any problems.

So, make sure your trap comes with a sliding or back panel as it makes the process of retrieving and planting baits easy.


The ability to camouflage inside water is a vital feature of a pinfish trap. Obviously, you would want your item to be less noticeable in water because nobody wants fishes to recognize a trap from a mile away.

If fishes notice your trap, then chances are they will not enter it even if you lay a dozen baits. Therefore, we suggest you purchase a black trap as it camouflages in waterbed better than any other color.

Weight and Versatility

Having the right weight helps your trap stay fixed in a particular area. Usually, pinfish are saltwater fish; therefore, chances are your trap will face the harsh conditions of the waterbed.

So, it would help if you first figured the place you are going to use and then choose a proper weight, which will hold against the tide and conditions of that area.

On the other hand, a versatile product comes in handy when you decide to snag more than one type of fish. If your ultimate goal is to catch a variety of fishes then, you should go for an all-in-one trap.

A well-functioning pinfish trap can catch craws, minnows, lobsters, and many different fishes. Thus, check if your product is a versatile one because it will always allow you to change your decision from pinfish to other types of fishes.

Pinfish Bait!

Hopefully, we’ve baited you in till here, to gain in-depth knowledge on Pinfish bait! Jokes aside, there aren’t a whole variety of items to use when fishing for Pinfish. However, the ones you can use are abundantly available!

  1. Shrimp
  2. Squid
  3. Chum
  4. Fish Eggs
  5. Worms

An interesting fact about Pinfish is that during their youth, they start out as carnivorous fish. As time passes, these fish change their diet to a herbivorous nature. One good thing that comes out of this is that, whenever you’re catching Pinfish with traps or other means, you’ll end up catching relatively young ones. This means they’ll be smaller than the fully grown ones and also require less space!

As for bait, these are the most common ones, as it falls within their regular diet, and will attract them easily and efficiently. If you’re stuck on which one to choose, though, then shrimp, squid, and chum are the ones used most often. In fact, when using traps, people end up using blocks of chum for their traps, due to how cheap they are, and their longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I use a trap with a big mesh hole size?

Answer: If your initial plan is to catch pinfishes, then you should probably use a trap with a small mesh hole size. However, bigger mesh holes allow you to put the baits more quickly, but it is still not efficient enough.

2. What is the optimum color for a Best pinfish trap?

Answer: Black is the most significant color for a pinfish trap. It allows the trap to camouflage in water, which decreases the possibility of fishes recognizing the item. However, some other colors also enable a pinfish trap to camouflage in a waterbed.

3. Can I catch different types of fishes with a pinfish trap?

Answer:Yes, you can. Usually, pinfish traps are quite similar to crawfish and minnow fish traps. So, you can catch craws, minnows, and much more with a well-functioning pinfish trap.

Some Final Words

Your journey from a beginner to a professional pinfish trapper can be filled with many obstacles and failures. It may seem harsh, but nobody can become a master fisherman in a day.

However, it would be best if you kept trying because everybody can become an expert eventually. There are some cheat codes or shortcuts to your journey, which are the proper snagging technique and, of course, the assistance of the best pinfish trap.

If you have an optimal pinfish trap, it will only increase your chance of catching pinfish and decrease the probability of failing.

We have revealed to you the means of becoming an expert pinfish trapper. Now the only thing you need to do is stop procrastinating and head on for the actual task.

We are hoping that your journey would be a delightful one, and wish you nothing but the best of luck.

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