Best Multitool for Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular participation activities and sport in the world. This is why people engage in it from peaceful and quiet fishing, where you only put a line at your favorite spot on a small local river to wrestling with big fish off a boat in the oceans. Moreover, one gets a lot from this activity ranging from enjoying a sport to making a living out of it.

However, this activity can only be enjoyable if only you get the right tools for the task. The help of a multitool is essential, especially in various circumstances, because such tools can perform different tasks as required and only take a little space in your backpack.

Today, there are many different multitools for fishing in the market and range from daily carry tools to the tactical multitools which use heavy-duty items like the wires and bolt grippers. In my opinion, below are the topmost multitools for fishing activity not because they have all the basic tools needed when alone in the wild but because they pass different tests of functionality and durability.

Here are Top Five Best Multitool for Fishing

Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool

The first and original version of this tool was produced and launched in 1998. This was a one-hand opening blade that featured different tools. After six years, another upgraded version was released with even more advanced features and strong tools. This tool has been designed for easy use with a single hand while offering 18 other tools for you to use while in a particular situation.

The angler can access different essential tools from this single tool, including spring-action scissors and pliers. You will not experience any problems while cutting line with strong wire cutters, and once they are worn out, it is easy to replace the blades. This Multitool is functional, sturdy, and looks amazing too. It is one of the best tools money can buy for the activities of fishing.

This Wave Plus product is made of stainless steel material with soft, black nylon cover. Additionally, the angler is provided with many different tools to help with the fishing needs. It has a switch between the needle nose and the regular pliers used for gripping the line, the hooks, or even fish without any problems. You will also find many other handy outdoor tools; for instance, the two corrosion-resistant knives in this tool are good for stormy weather. The spring action scissors cut through the line, fine sands, and even though the woods and metals. Blades are easily sharpened using the diamond-coated file.


  • It comes with a protective sheath
  • It gives a 25-year warranty for any Leatherman product
  • It is easily used with a single hand
  • It comes with 18 other different fishing tools
  • Has sharp wire cutters that can cut through all types of fishing line


  • The pliers are not loaded with springs
  • It requires frequent oiling and lubrication for maintenance

Leatherman Wingman

This tool was introduced in 2011 as a value-priced version of the older version. Wingman is another fishing multi-tool from Leatherman company. This design comes with an additional of fourteen different tools working together to create a dependable multitool. As expected, this tool comes with a spring plier tool on the top. However, the angler also gets needlenose pliers, scissors, ruler, combo know, file, bottle opener, wire stripper, and screwdrivers.

To ensure that you have all you need for fishing and other emergencies, this Multitool comes with a replaceable pocket clip, a locking blade, and other external features. One of the most vital factors about this tool is the presence of a sharp blade. This sharp blade locks into place once it is deployed and folds away when it is manually unblocked, making it safer to operate.

Moreover, the tool comes with a removable pocket clip that aids in functionality by enabling you to comfortably put the Multitool onto your pocket or the belt loop. However, this doesn’t eliminate the presence of a sheath but only offers you different options to put away the tool.


• This Multitool is compact

• It comes with excellent tools

• It is of high quality

• It comes with great value

• It has external features like the knife and scissors


• It is heavy

• The available ruler to some might seem small to be useful

• The wire cutters do not completely close

• The scissors at some point fail to work and stick

3.Victorinox SwissTool Spirit X

This is one of the most versatile multitool present on the market apart from the Leatherman. Therefore, this makes it a great choice for all anglers who need a good multitool for fishing. The most impressive and notable aspect of this tool is the number of tools this product comes with. It is right to say that most of the discussed tools above have a long list of features, but none can match the twenty-four features multitool Spirit X. This model offers you everything from the regular strong blades, wire cutters to reamers, chisels, scrapers, and many saws. However, regardless of its different features and many other tools, this does not make this tool heavy in any way or even awkward to use. The design has been made from ensures that all the tools are well packed behind the two distinct metal strips.

The product consists of 27 different functions all in one package and only measures 4 inches long. It can be used to cut braided line, remove hooks if necessary, and file blunt hooks. The light stainless steel used to make the product is corrosion resistant, meaning that you can use it for long and never worry about it breaking. Without a doubt, this tool is one of the best Multitool for fishing available in the market.

Here are some of the tools included in this Multitool

 Chisel 7 mm

 Can opener

 Bottle and crate opener

 Large blade

 Needle nosed pliers

 Cable cover

 Punch

 Multipurpose hook


• It comes with a wide range of essential tools.

• An amazing lifetime guarantee covers it.

• It is lightweight and compact.


• The price seems a bit high, and it goes for over $100

4.Rapala Fishermans multitool

This among the all of the best fishing multitool is the most affordable high-end fishing multitools. The tool is a device that might seem similar to the ones discussed earlier but different because it is only designed for fishing activity. Instead of providing a large range of tools useful when casting a line of during sailing, it offers the person using it with tools needed for a specific activity, and that is fishing. This, however, makes it perfect for people who need to blend versatility with specialization. Each tool present in this Multitool only pops out when it is in use, allowing you to use it quickly and put away the device. At first, these tools can be unwieldy but become easy to use after several handlings.

Additionally, there are these two tools; line threader and the carabiner clip. The threader is used for the accessibility of the device while in the water. The carabiner clip, on the other hand, enables one to track the devices always. The frame of this device is made from cast metal for durability. However, some people worry about discomfort resulting from this metal. Still, the manufacturer used a soft material to make the handle for a soft grip and to ensure that the hand never get sore.

The device has another feature that might not be necessary but makes it impressive, and that is the beverage wrench used to pop open bottles or cans. It helps save space as well as keeps all the items in one place.


• It is lightweight

• The frame is made from a cast metal

• It is durable

• The presence of the carabiner clip enables one to track the device


The tools found in this Multitool are only designed to be used for fishing and no other activity.

5.Gerber Suspension multiplier

The company producing this device is well known for the quality of the products it produces, whether blades or tools. The products are easy to handle and strong enough to last for long. The suspension multiplier is among the tools produced by this company for fishing activity and has a tool for everything. Below are some of the tools included in the Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier;

Cross driver

 Saw

 Can opener

 Bottler opener

 Lanyard hole

 Small flathead

 Scissors

 Tool lock

 Needlenose pliers loaded with springs

 Serrated blade

This device is made of stainless steel handles and twelve different tools working together. It also comes with safety lockers that ensure that the tool is closed when not in use and open when someone uses it.


• It is strong and lightweight

• Its grip is made of a stainless steel

• It comes with a large range of tools


• The sheath is of low quality

While you go out looking for the best Multitool for fishing, keep in mind that you will meet different choices, and therefore you will need to have a few important factors in mind to help you get the best tool.

Factors to consider when buying a multitool for fishing

1. Corrosion-resistant tool

This is an important factor because you do not need a tool that will break time and time. You must look for a stainless steel tool because this does not rust when it comes in contact with water.

2. Easy to use

Ensure that the tool you are getting can easily be used using one hand. This is because while fishing, your one hand is expected to hold the rod, and therefore the remaining should be able to handle the Multitool.

3. Spring-loaded Multitool

A spring-loaded multitool is easy to use. The good news is that almost all the fishing multitools are spring-loaded.

4. The size

Bigger tools are not good for fishing. A compact and lightweight tool will not weigh you down, and especially if you can carry it in your pocket, that will be a good tool for you. Most importantly, make sure to get yourself a multitool that fits well into your hand.

5. Durability

The durability of a multitool is measured by how quality the product is. Not all the fishing multitools are constructed using the same standard. You will need to find yourself a tool designed to last for long, and you will do this by looking at the quality of the materials. Go for a sturdy and corrosion-resistant product.

For a multitool for fishing to be said is the best tool, it has to have the following features;

o Wire cutters- This handy tool is used when fishing to cut through different lines, whether heavyweight or braided. A design with replaceable blades is easy to use because all you need to do is swap those blades.

o Needlenose pliers- These pliers are used for unhooking fish from the line.

o Scissors- These are handy when used on the water, and when fishing, you will be required to use them multiple times.

o Metal file- This is used to sharpen the blunt hooks and extend their lifespan instead of replacing them.

To sum up, all the above-aforementioned items are best for fishing. However, when it comes to deciding which one to purchase, it becomes daunting, given that many choices confront you. I recommend that you buy any of the above-mentioned multitools because they will not turn out to disappoint. However, since choices will go down to personal preferences, more so when factors such as functionality, quality, and superiority of the designed are concerned. Regardless of what choice you will make, I’m certain that these multitools for fishing will not disappoint you. Also, remember that there is always something for everyone. This ranges from the prices and the models to fancy tools for those anglers who are not on tight budgets. You can now go and shop for the best Multitool for your next fishing adventure, and it will be much fun.

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