Why is Fishing Fun: Top 7 Reasons You’ll Love to Fish

If you love to fish, you might have realized how awesome the experience can be. That’s for sure. From my personal experience, fishing can be fun. That’s why I have stuck with it ever since I was 12 years old.

But why is fishing fun for sure? As an angler, I will tell you that the fun of fishing is immeasurable. There are many reasons why you should get out there with your ride, line, and bait, and tons more why you should never stop.

That’s exactly why I am making this post today. I will show you numerous reasons why fishing is simply awesome. Let’s dig in to see what we have in store.

Why is Fishing Fun?

  • It is Easy
  • Provides to the National Cake
  • Health Benefits
  • Weight Loss
  • Stress Relief
  • Provides Food
  • New Social Circles

It is Easy

Nothing beats fishing when it comes to the ease of execution. You will realize that learning how to fish is easier than eating the fish. It has some simple manuals that include how to prepare your fishing line, bait the line, and go for your catch.
It is simply easy. You don’t have to do anything other than prep your line, bait it, and wait for fish to be trapped. That’s how simple the whole process is. No hassle – unless you are thinking of deep-sea fishing.

Provides to the National Cake

Don’t you just feel proud to contribute to the national cake? That’s what fishing offers. When the anglers get out to fish. They will pay special taxes, get permits, and take fishing licenses. By doing this, they will be committing to the national kitty through the contribution of revenue. That’s an awesome feeling, knowing that you have contributed to building the nation.

Health Benefits

More importantly, fishing also gives you some of the best health benefits. While it might not be very obvious from the onset, overtime, you will realize that you feel better and much more active than before. Here are some health benefits that fishing comes with.

Weight Loss

Walking to and from the pier or the river will put you on some exercise that helps you to shed off some extra pounds of weight. It keeps you active and in so doing leaves you with healthy living.
Metal Alertness
Remember that when you fish, you have to keep an eye out for your reel. This keeps you very alert and improves your concentration. Eventually, you will have the best mental alertness anytime.

Stress Relief

Another importance of fishing that makes it a fun activity is its ability to relieve stress. Spending your day casting for bass and trout can be quite refreshing.
You will find yourself in new and calming natural environments that allow you to refresh and develop a new perspective on life.

NOTE: From bobber fishing, deep-sea fishing, summer fishing, to casting your reels around the piers, there is always a touch of relaxation, stress relief, and mental alertness that comes with the fishing experience.

Provides Food

One of the well-known facts about fishing is that it provides one of the best sources of food. Fish is one of the best sources of protein. Fish such as tuna have been recommended for people who are in deficiency of proteins and for those who need healthy fats and balanced diets.
Even better, fish is a form of white meat and as such comes with zero negative effects on the body. If you want the best source of protein, you can always go with fish among other options that you may have.

New Social Circles

When you step out to go fishing, you will find new social circles. You will make new friends and as such have a much more enjoyable life. Fishing gives you a chance to create better social bonding that’s important in giving you better confidence and strengthening your friendships.

So what else beats that? I met my fish when on a fishing trip – it’s true. Since then, life has been a memorable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Fishing With that said on why fishing is fun, let me also give you some of the commonly asked questions about fishing. These questions will help newbies to understand fishing much better than before.

Why Do I Need to License to Fish?
Fishing licenses are a requirement by the law. If you don’t get a fishing license, you will be charged, fined, and jailed. When you have a license, you will fish freely and legally. Make sure that you check with relevant authorities for the right licenses around your region.

What’s the difference between anglers and fishermen?
There is no much difference. An angler is a fisherman. However, an angler uses the angling method which involves the use of a fishing hook to catch fish. On the other hand, a general fisherman will capture fish and many other marine animals.

What Does a Fishing License Contain?
Fishing licenses have much information. Among some of the most unique information is the type of fish that you are allowed to catch and those that you shouldn’t within your fishing region. The license also denotes the type of fishing that you are involved in among other things.
You cannot use a fishing license of a given state for cross-border use. In case you are in a new state, look for the right fishing license for the region.

How Often Should One Fish?
The number of times that you intend to fish depends on why you are fishing. You can fish every day, once or twice a week, or even once a year. The choice is yours. Even so, when you fish for food, the frequency might be higher than those who are fishing for sport.

NOTE: Make your choice properly and always fishing within the recommended guidelines. It is the best thing to do if you want a smooth fishing experience. Remember that fishing licenses are also required when you are out camping. So make sure that you get the right permit before setting out.


So why is fishing fun? I guess you know that already. Nonetheless, whether you need Vitamin D or need to cool off, a great fishing experience will guarantee you just that. It is because of this reason that most anglers will find fishing to be very fulfilling.

You can fish alone if you are working with shallow waters or if your environment is safe enough. You can also fish in a group or take the best fishing trips around the weekend. Fishing is really awesome and if you approach it with the right mentality will leave you with some of the best benefits like you have seen.

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