Best time to fish for bass

best time to fish for bass

The United States of America has more than 15 million anglers and a vast majority of them pursue the largemouth. Besides being found in 48 US states fishing largemouth is fun. They are strong are always put a strong fight unlike any other fish before they go down.

They can snap your line, throw your lure, and break your rod in split seconds. They also have very aggressive eating habits and can eat anything and everything that comes their way including lures and live baits.

That explains why bass is the most prized freshwater catch for sport anglers.

When is Bass Fishing Season?

Everyone ranging from pro anglers to beginners spends a huge chunk of their time fishing bass. If they are not fishing bass, then they are looking for more attractive lures to help them catch more bass. But the big question is, when is the best time to fish bass?

Bass can be caught both during the day and night. But their specific feeding behaviors mean that they are more likely to be caught during certain times of the year than others.

Season and weather changes usually influence their feeding habits and hence their availability. The key to catch bass is knowing the cycle of their primary forage.

Winter ( Toughest Time of Year to bass Fishing)

The most challenging time for fishing bass is during the winter season. During winter and early spring, water temperature in lakes and rivers usually stay below 45 degrees Celsius. It is hard to catch brass when water temperatures are this low.

Remember that brass are cold-blooded and their metabolism usually slows down drastically and tends to be lethargic when water temperatures drop. As a result, they tend to move in deeper water where it is a bit warm, making it very difficult to catch them.

Additionally, the fact that they are very sluggish at this time, means that your bait or lure is less likely to have an effect on them. That makes winter the worst time to fish bass.

If you really want to fish bass during winter, then the best time to fish is during the day when water is a bit warm. Bass usually up to hunt for shad or bluegill during this time, making it possible to catch them. Baits that look like shad work the best during this time.

Spring (Best Bass Fishing Season )

This is the best time to catch bass. During the spring season, water temperature usually ranges between45-66 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal time for fishing bass. During this season, bass usually focuses on reproducing by spawning.

The first phase of spawn is known as pre-spawn and course when the water temperature is between 45- 50 degrees. During this time, brass tends to move from deep water to more shallow areas to mate and reproduce.

According to experts, this is the best time of the year to catch bass. However, it is important to note the best time to catch bass varies depending on the weather. During this time, the best time to fish is during the day when water in the lake or river is highest.

To maximize your catch, it is best to focus on channels, creeks drain, ditches, and drains because bass uses use these routes to move from deep water to shallows water to feed.

The second phase is known as spawn. During this phase, bass attitude changes and becomes more aggressive and defensive. During this time fish species such as crawfish, bluegill, small turtles, and salamanders usually try to attack the bass nest.

Bass on the other, hand are very defensive and will attack them not for food but to defend their nest. If the invader dares to return, then the bass will kill it. After females lay their eggs, they are very hungry and need to eat. If you want to catch some monster bass, then this is the best time to fish.

Post spawn- this is the last phase in the spring cycle. During this period, the female usually leaves the males to guard the nest while they move to deep water to rest. The males will stay near the nests protecting them until fry hatch. The bait to use depends on what you want to catch.

For instance, if you want to catch male bass that is guarding the fry, then you need to use topwater baits. On the other hand, if you want to catch females that have migrated to slightly deeper water, any good bait can do the job because they are very hungry at this time.

Spring Bass Fishing Tips

Summer ( Dissatisfied Time For Bass Fisher )

During the summer season, water in lakes and rivers usually heats up, thus reducing the level of oxygen to support the bass. During this period, the bass has two options, to move deeper to cool waters or shallow water where oxygen is in plenty.

The best time to fish bass during the summer early in the morning or late in the evening when the water temperature is a bit cool.

Fishing during the summer season is not the best time but if you have to fish during this time, then you need to fish at the right time of the day to maximize your chance of getting a trophy fish.

For instance, fishing during cloudy or rainy days could increase your chances of catching more bass because of lower water temperatures.

Fall Flurry

During the fall season, the water temperature starts to fall gradually. This causes the bass to move from deeper water to show water to feed. They are very aggressive and active during this time because reduce water temperature and increase oxygen levels in the water.

During this time, bass feeds mostly on bass which is in plenty at the moment to fatten up for the winter.

The best time to fish during this time is during early in the morning or late in the evening when bass has moved to sallow water to feed.

However, as water continues to drop, the best time to fish is during midday when water is warmest. Baits that look like shade works the best when fishing during the fall season.

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

best time of day to fish for bass

Best time of day to fish for bass

Early Morning

Late Afternoon


Final Words

In conclusion, bass can be fished throughout the year. However, they are most active when water temperatures is between 50- 60 degrees.

Understanding the feeding habits of bass and using the right bait that mimics the size and colour of the forage will help maximize your fishing.

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