Why Are Fishermen Called Anglers? (Pro Angler Guide)

If you are a beginner in fishing, then you must be wondering why fishermen are called anglers. Some people think that angler is just another name for fishermen while some have no idea at why some fishermen are referred to anglers. Although most people use these words interchangeably, thinking that it means the same, these two words are different from each other. All anglers are fishermen, but not all fishermen are anglers.

Who is a fisherman?

A fisherman is someone who captures fish and other creatures from a body of water or gathers shellfish. This term can also be used to refer to recreational fishermen, and it is a broad term that refers to both men and women. The word fisherman is a general word and refers to any person who is involved in fishing. In other words, it refers to all types of fishing.

Fisherman use bait and any other thing that can catch fish mainly for consumption, not for fun or sporting. When they go out to fish, their main goal is to catch as many fish as possible to maximize profits. For the fishermen, not catching fish means no income, and for that reason, they have invested heavily in buying state of the art fishing equipment to increase their chance of finding fish species that they are looking for.

To most fishers, fishing is their full-time job. A vast majority of them earn a living from fishing, and they have put a lot of effort to make their fishing successful.

Who is an angler?

An angler is a fisherman who uses a fishing technique known as angling. Angling is a type of fishing that uses fish hooks. The hooks are usually attached to the fishing line. The line is then attached to the fishing rod. The hook is often dressed with bait or lure to attract the fish to bite. An angler fisherman uses angling techniques to attract and catch fish. Angling is mainly used for sport fishing, but in some cases, commercial fisheries also use angling methods such as trolling and long lining to attract and catch fish.

Unlike fishermen, who fish to catch and eat or selling fish, anglers fish mainly for sport and fun. In most cases, they usually free the fish once they have achieved their goal.

What is the main difference between an angler and fisherman?

The main difference between a fisherman and an angler is the technique used in fishing. While fishermen use many methods to attract and catch fish, anglers use specific hooks and lines to attract trophy fish. Fishermen use many fishing techniques, including the use of traps, nets, cages, and much more to catch fish.

Another big difference between the two is the purposes of fishing. The main objective of fishermen is to catch as many fish as possible for mainly for personal or commercial use. As such, they have invested heavily in buying quality fishing equipment to enable them to catch large volumes of fish with ease. On the other hand, anglers mainly catch fish for sport and fun. They practice catch and release and rarely throws one in the cooler unless the fish is injured or it is too tasty to let it go. Most of them only fish catch trophy-sized fish. They are not trying to catch fish to eat but only for sports. Once they accomplish their objective, they usually release the fish back to the water.

Fishermen usually target a wide variety of fish to maximize their profits. Most of the fish in large vessels that can hold huge amounts of fish at a time. Additionally, they often spend a lot of time in the sea or lake fishing. On the other hand, anglers only target a specific type of fish at a time, and they would not consider their fishing expedition successful until they capture the trophy fish that they were. Their main aim is to catch trophy fish either for fun or for sports.

Another key difference is the bait used. Fishermen prefer to use live bait or lure to attract fish, while anglers mostly use artificial bait. The reason why many fishermen prefer to use live bait is to attract as many fish as possible at a single moment. Anglers, on the other hand, prefer artificial lures because it is long-lasting and very effective in attracting the fish species that they are targeting.

How to become a pro angler?

1. Buy all necessary fishing gears

You can only fish if you have fight fishing gears. So, before you think of anything else, go to your nearest store that sells fishing accessories and buy all the necessary pieces of equipment that will help make your fishing fun and smooth. Necessary gears that you need to have include road and reel, line, tackle, bait, lures, castable fishfinder, and tackle bag.

2. Learn how to fish

Once you have bought all necessary fishing gear, the next crucial thing to do to become a pro angler is learning proper fishing techniques. You can go for fishing classes, or you can ask a friend or a family member who is pro in fishing to help you. You can also talk to fish professionals in your area for tips and advice.

3. Focus on a different species

The difference between an ordinary fisherman and a professional fisherman is their ability to catch a particular fish species successfully. Unlike fishermen who target multiple fish species, anglers usually focus on specific species. So, try to choose a particular species like bass then master the technique needed to capture it.

4. Compete in fishing tournaments

Another great way to become a professional angler is by participating in fishing tournaments. This way, you will get to learn fishing techniques that you did not know. Additionally, you will also get to meet and interact with professional anglers who will share tips and tricks that will help sharpen your fishing skills.

Final Words

In conclusion, from the above discussion, it is now clear that anglers are a type of fishermen who use specialized fishing equipment known as hooks and lines to attract and catch fish. They also focus on catching a specific fish species as opposed to many fish species. Lastly, they catch fish for sport and fun and usually free them after they have accomplished their goal.

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