What Color Light Attracts Fish? What Should you use?

what color light attracts fish

From the period of the caveman, people have learned to understand that fish become intriguing in the light. There is still a dilemma about what color light attracts fish? Through many experiments, scientists have indicated some lighting colors. These lighting colors vary depending on the location and nature of the fish. 

Let’s dig deeper into this –

Some fish want to get in touch with the light and love to play. But, planktons are the most preferred light. The planktons are the favourite food of small species of fishes like baitfish, and therefore they are exposed to light quickly for food. And Big fishes come to eat this baitfish.

What Color Light Attract Fish Mostly

The study revealed four types of light to attract fish. They are Green, Blue, White and Yellow.

These four types of lighting colors are based on tested results. Scientists recorded these lights as the most exciting light in fish, through three separate experiments. Nature, size and eating habits of the fish are responsible for this attraction. Although light does not directly attract fish. Planktons are mainly helping this process. Actually this all colors are based on one eaten circle.

It’s going on by-  Fisherman- Lights-Planktons-Baitfish-Bigfish-Fisherman.

Accordingly, the companies choose the colors of the night fishing lights, lures, or other materials by this study.

Green Color Light

Light green considered being the most widely used and useful light of the tiny fish like baitfish. Green color light cleans, and less reflect into water. Plankton is particularly loved green light, and that plankton is the staple food of many baitfish. Since green light provides plankton for baitfish, for that reason, their favorite light is called green. But the funny thing is that these baitfish are overcrowded for plankton, and because of that, giant fish also come to eat baitfish. The result is that green light brings you big fish. So all in all, green light plays a vital role in making your fishing more comfortable.

Blue Color Light

But if you are a saltwater fisherman, then you must go to the blue light because the green light is less reflective and used to attract baitfish. But there is no need to attract baitfish in saltwater. As well as the saltwater concentration is very high, the low reflection of the green light does not work. So blue is more frequent light needed in saltwater. In that case, the blue light will help you to catch the fish. Modern fishers use large blue lights on their ships to create focus into water directly across specific areas, which falls instantly into the water and creates a blue coating that plays an extraordinary role in catching more fish.

Yellow Color Light

Yellow color light is used since ancient times. In ancient times, when moonlight was falling into the water, fish were abundant. Then people first discover that the fish is attracted to the light. The use of light has come from people of the caveman age. First, they started using light to catch fish through the use of a torch. Those who used them as substitutes gradually began to use lanterns. Continuously the flashlight and modern lights were invented, and people started to use different colors light. Gradually, the study of which light works more. The use of yellow light is decreasing day by day. Since blue and green are more effective and are now available everywhere, the use of yellow light has decreased. There they use this yellow light.

White Color Light

White color light is used to influence the other color light more. When we use blue or green light, white color light is used to make that light brighter. When we use green light to attract fish or plankton, the efficiency of green light is enhanced by putting white light on top of it and increasing its size and reflection.

Light Transmit into Deeper Ocean


However, you must be careful in the use of lights, because the light is very dear to the bugs. So you need to safe from bugs and insects. Always use some safety for using lights.

Final Words

It is not yet clear to scientists what the color fish likes. The choice of fish is expressed in a circle. Since plankton love light and they come close to ligh. Planktons are a favorite food of fish; that’s why light is playing an essential role in fishing. That is why we hold the favorite color of the fish as the favorite color of the plankton.

But yes, green light plays an active role in fishing in ample water. If you can use more green light at a specific target location, your perception of fishing will change. Since the favorite color of fish could not discover. The question is, “what is the favorite color of fish?” It will “what color light attracts fish.

The green light is the most effective way of reviewing the color of attracting fish. However, there is some disagreement concerning saltwater. Blue color light is until now best for saltwater. White light increases the level of brightness. And now, these three colors are mainly used as the light of attracting fish.

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