Is Crawfish Healthy? | The Health Benefits of Crawfish

A crawfish is a form of crustaceans found in freshwater. Crustaceans contain a myriad of different water specimens, ranging from crabs, lobsters too, of course, the Crawfish. Moving back to the Crawfish, it goes by a lot of different names such as; crawdads, Crayfish, yabbies, mudbugs, mountain lobsters, or freshwater lobsters and are typically between 3 inches and 6 inches long. An interesting fact is that, in some countries, they are referred to as Crawfish because of preference to saltwater.

Are Crawfish Good For You?

Numerous people are anxious to hear about eating Crawfish. Can Crawfish be eaten at all? If you haven’t eaten Crawfish yet, you don’t know how delicious and nutritious it is.

Crawfish is considered a special diet by comparing nutrients. You will be surprised to discover that this fish looks like an insect, but it is high protein foods. Many people think about not eating it because of its shape. But if you’ve tasted it once, then the question will go away from your mind as to whether it can be eaten or not.

Let’s find out more about crawfish nutrition facts

Here’s the list of vitamins you’ll find in crawfish:

  • Biotin
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Niacin
  • Phosphorus
  • Protein
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Vitamin B-12

See the table below for in depth analysis of nutrients:

Crawfish, Mixed species, wild, raw Nutritive value per 100 g. (Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)

PrincipleNutrient ValuePercentage of RDA
Energy77 Kcal4%
Carbohydrates0 g0%
Protein15.97 g28.5%
Total Fat0.95 g5%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Dietary Fiber0 g0%
Folates37 μg9%
Niacin2.208 mg14%
Pyridoxine0.108 mg8%
Riboflavin0.032 mg2.5%
Thiamin0.070 mg6%
Vitamin-A53 IU2%
Vitamin-C1.2 mg2%
Vitamin-D0 IU0%
Vitamin-E2.85 mg19%
Sodium58 mg4%
Potassium302 mg6.4%
Calcium27 mg2.7%
Iron0.84 mg10.5%
Magnesium27 mg7%
Phosphorus256 mg36.5%
Zinc1.30 mg12%
Omega-3 fatty acids (PUFA)
EPA (20:5 n-3)0.104 g
DPA (22:5 n-3)0.010 g
DHA (22:6 n-3)0.038 g

100 gram of crawfish waiting to provide you

  • Crawfish are high-quality protein-rich fish. Each 100g of cooked crawfish contains 16.47g of protein.
  • Crawfish carry deficient fat, but it does present a minimal amount of carbohydrates.
  • Crawfish have Just a few milligrams of cholesterol fill up to 40 per cent of the daily human requirement. A hale person needs 300 milligrams of cholesterol daily.
  • You can even call a crawfish a pack of minerals because of the abundance of vitamin-B and various national minerals like calcium, magnesium, Iron, zinc and phosphorus.
  • A meal of only 100 g of crawfish contains 90+ calories.
  • Inside this crawfish, you will gain about 30% of vitamin B-12 in cyclic life.
  • 10% percent niacin and folate.
  • 4% riboflavin, thiamine and vitamin B-6.
  • 10% zinc.
  • 8% magnesium.
  • 6% calcium.
  • 4% Iron.
  • The most significant thing is that this fish will give you 80% of the antioxidant selenium.

Are you thinking of catching crayfish in your mind? Read our Top Crawfish Trap article right now and pick the best one.

More extra facts about Crawfish

Each seafood crawfish contains 15% meat. Whenever you suck its head, you will find some fatty organs that make your food taste unique. It is best to soak the Crawfish before they are washed and cooked. However, it is best not to add salt to the water when you wash them. When clean with salted water, part of their head may be more mud.

How crawfish will improve your diet

USDA Dietary Guidelines clearly state that if you are eating seafood, it is excellent for your health.

By the time you are already aware of the nutritious benefits of crawfish, let’s get some more insight into your diet –

Save the crawfish into the season, freeze with care, and keep eating delicious and diary protein-rich foods all year long.

You can offer crawfish as an alternative to all the foods that the shrimp serves. Of course, remember that since it is cooked earlier, add it to the end of preparing the meal.

As an alternative to chicken or other fish, you can use it as a soup, salad and pasta or any other chicken dishes.

Omelettes, quiches, stir-fries, enchiladas, quesadillas, cornbread, dips, and more can be associated with your child’s favourite meal or your ideal snack at breakfast.

Let’s deal with some of the advantages of crawfish –

Cooked red gourds can be a small ingredient in your entire nutritional needs. It will serve you as a nutrition store after you have finished cooking. When cooking it has a bright red colour, you will understand that it is made to provide all its nutrients and beneficial ingredients.

Every organ of the body of crawfish is rich in nutrients.

1. Improving the nervous system

One of the most nutritious foods for the nervous system is crawfish because 25 grams of crawfish contains vitamin-12 in 1/3 of a person’s daily life. Crawfish is a food that is rapidly converted into energy, allowing the nervous system to benefit faster. The advantage that the meat of crawfish provides for faster digestion is because of its rapid energy production.

2. Strong muscles

According to nutrition data, about 25 grams of protein exists in 100 grams of crawfish. You must know that protein is the key to building healthy muscle. If you are thinking of building strong muscle and looking for protein-rich foods, do not delay getting crawfish now. You are also consuming potassium with crawfish, making your body stronger and healthier.

But if you think that eating more protein will make your muscles strong, that’s wrong. Yes, eating will definitely help you build strong muscles, but you also require to exercise and workout. Without exercise, the muscle will not be formed. But yes you can get the protein you need to build muscle during exercise or when you go to the gym.

3. Strong bone formation

With the presence of Omega-3 acids, both your bones and joints are protected against Crawfish. Omega-3 acids help strengthen your bone joints. The role of crawfish in the formation of strong bones is unique due to the high magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals. You can strengthen and strengthen your bones by consuming a small amount of crawfish. With this simple diet, you will easily get more of the body composition you need.

4. Preserving fluid balance

When diarrhoea and imbalances in the absence of fluids, we understand just how beneficial sodium is in our bodies. Because sodium balances our body’s fluid. Did you know that 100 grams of crawfish contain 97 milligrams of sodium? Sodium is known to be an essential factor in maintaining body balance. Sodium is vital to stay healthy, but it is similarly necessary to remember that sodium over 24 milligrams can injure your body. If an average healthy person consumes up to 24 milligrams of sodium, his body fluids will balance. Otherwise, it is more likely to result in high blood pressure. Therefore, when having any food, you must consume moderately.

5. Eliminating anaemia

For those suffering from shortness of blood in the body, crawfish is one of the means of iron collection. Having sufficient levels of iron will help you in blood loss, but in this case, you can eat it by adding a pea bean or iron-rich food.

6. Blood pressure control

Potassium in crawfish controls your blood pressure and plays a role in staying normal. For best results, add some avocado and banana with crawfish, as these foods contain lots of potassium.

7. Physical weight loss

Do we often hear this saying, is crawfish good for weight loss? Because of the small amount of fat in the crayfish, it can be an excellent diet for the diet. Since crayfish is delicious and easy to cook, if you are thinking about weight loss, crayfish can be a fantastic weight loss menu for you.

8. Improved brain function

You must have heard that crayfish contain Omega-3. Did you know that Omega-3 is a powerful ingredient in boosting brain function as well as providing you with a fatty acid, which enhances brain quality? Are you frustrated? If you often find yourself frustrated, the Omega-3 of Crawfish will calm your brain and mood as a dear friend.

9. Helping in good metabolism

If your diet is not metabolized correctly, think about what kind of discomfort you suffer? However, vitamin B is the best ingredient to relieve that discomfort. Vitamin B helps improve your metabolism division. Since crayfish digest very quickly, you can gain strength Faster. In fact, you know, when you get a lot of energy from these simple foods, speedily and efficiently, then all the chores in your house, outdoors, nurturing, studying, and other daily tasks are very well done.


10. Assistance in increasing fertility

Marine fish is a proper diet for a truly healthy life. It contains an ingredient called selenium, which plays a direct role in boosting women’s fertility. When it comes to having a baby in the family, Solomon can help him the most. And the only ones that have the maximum amount of sea fish. There is no reason for this to be the case with crayfish.

11. Stronger immunity

In everyday life, our body’s cells are broken down for work and other things, sometimes getting worse. This is a very usual rule. But if the broken cells cannot be recovered and the body does not have the necessary nutrients to produce new cells, then the body will degenerate day by day. Another component of this cell structure is iodine, which is most important for your immune system. You can find this ingredient very easily by eating sea fish, which exists in the crawfish.

12. Healthy ingredient for heart and skin

Who does not want his favorite skin to become beautiful, smooth, and shiny? But in addition to wanting your delicate skin, you have to give your heart and health to various sodium, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3s.

When your heart is appropriately circulating blood and the right nutrients will spread deep into your skin, then you will be able to own beautiful smooth skin. So if you want to be pretty, then crayfish is a special meal for you.

13. Sharp vision power

Whether you have sharp eyesight or eye health, think of vitamins, and no alternatives. You can find greens and carrots as a fun ingredient to prevent yourself from loss of vision. The vitamins present in the crayfish will help you get more levels by mixing with your vegetables.

Use Crawfish as a food source:

One of the more popular uses of these crustaceans is to have the tender sweet white meat within them, used in various dishes! They can be eaten separately or whisked into delicious meals such as bisques or jambalayas. But let’s help you with how to whip them up to be edible! If the Crawfish is still alive, you must start by following a simple yet effective method to kill the fish. Use a sharp knife to make an incision and cut into the fish in between the head and thorax. You can also avoid this and take a more extended approach by putting them in boiling or ice-cold water for an extended period. When cooking this fish, you must also ensure that you properly clean them out and wash off any debris from the source you caught them in. They might have an absurd amount of dirt or mud on them as they scurry at the bottom of shallow water spots. You might also look to clean out the intestines of the fish before cooking them. You can ensure this by soaking the fish for 30 minutes in a mix of clean water, white vinegar, and some salt (preferably half a cup). If you see the water turns murky, you can rest assured that the fish is cleaned and ready to be cooked. Once you have cleaned out the fish properly, make sure you follow or know the proper ways to cook it up nicely and enjoy the delicious meat that the fish has! From various dishes to just having the meat with some dip, you can be sure that the fish will taste great. It is now popular to the extent of it now replacing crabs and lobsters in many dishes!

Other Uses for Crawfish

It is obvious that different people will have different reasons for catching Crawfish. Some people might want to enjoy them in their food while others are wanting to breed them as pets; however, numerous forms of laws exist on these crustaceans, and they must be followed, and then you can use them however you like!

1. Crawfish kept as pets:

If you are a crustacean enthusiast or just want to spruce up your aquarium at home with something different, Crawfish are increasingly becoming more and more popular to be kept as pets at home. Their awkward movements and behavior, in general, make them a great attraction, even in classrooms for kids to marvel at! However, it is necessary to ensure you know how to transport them to their destinations safely. This remains true for; however, you want to keep them; as pets or food. Crawfish are crustaceans, and their species do not thrive in stagnant water, as they require oxygen to survive. So, when traveling with them, it is essential to keep them in damp and cold places instead of buckets of water. Keeping them in cool and damp places will allow their survival for several days, however not your other fish if you keep them in the same tank as these Crawfish! When kept with other fish, the Crawfish will eat them; thus, they require their own separate oxygenated tank to thrive. They can survive on any plants or vegetation present in the tank provided, or can be fed a variety of things such as fish heads, fatty meats or different types of bait, as we have mentioned previously, and will delve into further down the article! If you have got love for them and have everything arranged, why not get them as pets? They are interesting creatures and deserve love too, so if you’re inclined, go for it!

2. Adhering to the rules in your area:

Fishing laws vary from place to place all around the world. Always make sure you are in full and complete knowledge of your area regarding Crawfish in this case. In some states (such as Arizona), it is forbidden to take back Crawfish alive to your residence. They must be killed wherever you caught them before they are transported. This law is mostly in practice due to them being harmful for ecosystems in many places. So, always be knowledgeable about whether Crawfish are treated as pests or can be taken home as pets! 

3. Make for good bait:

Crawfish don’t necessarily require anything expensive as bait, so if you catch some crawfish, you can rather use them as bait for bigger fish. If you want to catch some salmon, then using that Crawfish is easy to bait. It also helps if the Crawfish is from the same river as the salmon (or any large fish) you are searching for.

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